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Starting out is easy.   Fill out the 2017 Application and return either online, via email, or regular mail.  Our 2017 application is available now.      

Step 1:
Download or print our vendor application by clicking here.*   IMPORTANT:  After clicking, click again the download button, and repeat this step by clicking the green download button. This will enable you to use the printer tool to print the document properly as viewed. Do not open the document, and simply go to the "File > Print" commands.  This will only print a partial page. You can also register online using the Vendor Management tool. *The 2016 application may pop up, before the 2017 application is downloaded, if so, change 2016 to 2017 and submit to reserve space and take advantage of early sign up discount (March 22nd). Our fees have not increased. We remain one of the best market deals in the State.

Step 2:
Call the Market Manager, Bill Blank, at 503-730-7429 (Fax: 503-543-6361) if there are any questions.


Step 3:
Return mailed application to
Scappoose Community Club/
Farmers Market
Attn: Bill Blank
33470 Chinook Plaza 182
Scappoose, OR 97056


Step 4:
Set up booth on Saturday by 8:45am

Step 5:
Start Selling at 9:00 a.m.

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