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Booth Levels:
Full season reserve vendor (May 19 - Sep 29) Full payment must be included with application (Click here).  For General Vendor Information, click here. Take advantage of early enrollment discount (by March 15).

Weekly call-in vendor must contact Market Manager by Thursday night on a weekly basis, and requests a space for Saturday. Payment is due in cash by 8:30 a.m. the morning of the market, or collected at the discretion of the Market Manager. 

Vendors, new Farm Direct changes went into effect January 1, 2012.  For details, contact Market Manager.

Food Vendors:

The Market allows a limited number of food vendors on site.  Vendors can obtain a Intermittment Temporary for Profit Restaurant License from Columbia County Health Department, or Season License.  Contact: Mark Edington, 503.397.4651 for current fees for Non-profit vendors license fee, intermittment, or for a Seasonal License.  Space fee is the same as other vendors based on size of space, unless mobile unit. Contact Market Manager for more information.  Recommend vendors contact CCHD early.  All fees are subject to change.  Temporary Restaurant License -- HB2868 established in 2012 a Seasonal Temp Restaurant- 90 day license for food vendors operating at a specific location in connection with multiple public gatherings, entertainment events, food product promotions or other events that are arranged for by the same oversight organization. This is likely what FM food vendors will apply for. Will require an operational review). 

I have the latest Temporary Restaurant Operations Guide: Guidelines for Food Booths at Events. This is available from Oregon Dept. of Human Services, Foodborne Illness Prevention Program, 800 NE Oregon St., Suite 608, Portland, OR 97232, phone 971-673-0451. You can also go to:

For more Safety guideline information, go to ODA FSD. CLICK HERE

Food Vendors are subject audit by Oregon Department of Agriculture,  Food Safety Division inspection. 
See the vendor audit form go to: CLICK HERE

For instructions, go to: CLICK HERE


INSURANCE:   Campbell Risk Management provides Vendors liability insurance with $1,000,000 of general and product liability per occurrence with a $2,000,000 annual aggregate limit with zero deductible while at all markets that you participate in. (All markets that you participate in must be listed on this application for coverage to be provided.) Typically, the cost of the policy is typically less than $380 per year for vendors that generate less than $100,000 total annual sales at the markets listed. Premiums are paid annually and once coverage is extended, the premium is fully earned and non-refundable. Coverage is provided by an A rated insurance company. Campbell Risk Management has partnered with the Farmers Market Coalition. Contact Larry Spilker at 800-730-7475 ext 203, or They are a national insurance company out of Indiana.  

More locally, several markets use Pacific Insurance Partners out of Forest Grove.  Brian Wilbur is the agent, (503) 357.7111, or email:

Pet Treats

We are sometimes asked about bringing pet treats to the market and if a license is required.  A recently ODA reply addresses that subject: "Unless meat or meat products, other than flavorings (like beef bouillon), are used we do not inspect or license pet food or pet treat manufacturers. Having said this, there are standards for the labels of pet food which are generally excepted in the industry and Richard Ten Eyck of Animal Health is the ODA resident expert.  Making and selling "pet treats" at the Farmers Market "should" be OK to do without a license."

Organic Growers:

We often get inquires about "organic" growers.  Growers that do not adhere to the strict organic standards cannot advertise their products as certified organic.  To be certified as "organic" producers must follow these guidelines.  Producers who sell more than $5,000 gross sales/year of organic products must be certified. If selling less must still follow organic practices and maintain records.  95% of ingredients must be organic, and remaining 5% cannot contain genetically modified substances.  Certification must be from a USDA accredited certifier.  A list can be found on the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) website (as well as) information about requirements and answers to frequently asked questions): CLICK HERE.  Many Oregon companies use Oregon Tilth, QAI and now ODA for certification.

Space Fees & Requirements:
Products may be sold from a combination of a (vendor supplied) table(s), vending canopy space, truck tailgate or vendor food cart/trailer.

Weights & Scales:

Vendors must have State certified scales and permits as required by ODA.  For more information, go to: CLICK HERE

Sales methods for fruit & vegetables:

Produce can be sold by weight or volume.  For more information, CLICK HERE

Prepared Food

Part of the farmers' markets' goal is to encourage customers to linger. How else are customers going increase their chances of meeting their neighbors in these great community events? Prepared food vendors on site help markets achieve their lingering goals.

The market establishes how many prepared food vendor make up the vendor mix. Too many prepared food vendors change the feel of the market to more of a street fair, a point that needs to be considered.

Prepared foods are defined as food prepared (hot or cold) and consumed in the market. Prepared food vendors must handle food properly to minimize the risk of food borne diseases. Food handler certificates and hand wash stations are examples of specific requirements established by Public Health Departments. All vendors should expect periodic unscheduled visits from food safety health inspectors through out the season.

Prepared Food Vendors must have a temporary restaurant license that is issued by the Columbia County Health Department. The CCHD may accepted other county approved licenses.  Check with Mark Edington, 503.397.4851.  He can help you with a Temporary Restaurant Application, and aTemporary Restaurant Booklet

Oregon Department of Human Services, Environmental Health also has a wealth of information to educate market vendors.


For more information, click on the below listed categories under "Crafters & Growers:"  

Specify type of spaces *
SINGLE space .(10x10). $17.00
DOUBLE space .(10x20). $22.00
Vehicle & table .(10x30). $27.00
Ask about our 5 'n 1 Plans.
*Fees may change due to Scheduled Events. Contact market manager for more information.
Musicians contact the Market Manager
Bill Blank 503- 543-3469

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